I've paid the seller but I haven't received anything yet. Is this normal?




  • Hussain Al-Obaid

    Dear.. you are continue sending me emails regarding my order was not completed and asking me to pay, I already paid for my transfer order according to your confirmation email below.


    Please get my order done and transfer the amount of $21.65 to my Payoneer account.





    Hello Hussain Al-Obaid!

    Your payment was received and now is processing. You will receive funds in accordance with our terms and conditions. 

    To get more information about pay out time, please follow this link https://www.megachange.is/ru/faq.aspx 

    Exchange ID: 13732 

    Wallet: P67647811\husn911@gmail.com 
    Gross: 21.65 USD 
    Fees: 0.00 USD 
    Net: 21.65 USD 
    Payment System Transaction ID: 493145233 
    Date and Time: 02/15/2018 04:25:10 GMT 

    || || || 
    \/ \/ \/ 

    To: Payoneer 
    Wallet: husn911@gmail.com 

    MANUAL: Your payment will be processed by our managers manually within 24 hours (while working hours). Our working schedule is 6:00-15:00 GMT from MON to FRI. 

  • Wesaj2004

    I have transferred $ 30 from your site 13893 to Scril and I have not received anything since 20/2/2018

  • Юрий Жигалковский
    Уважаемый kapacuk,

    Ваш платеж получен и передан в обработку. 

    Сроки выплат вы можете найти в нашем разделе Часто Задаваемых Вопросов https://www.megachange.is/ru/faq.aspx 

    ID обмена: 12875 

    Отдаете: AdvCash 
    Номер кошелька: kapacukk@mail.ru 
    Сумма: 20.63 EUR 
    Идентификационный номер в платежной системе: ad6b2fe9-5353-4643-9178-8e675bbe7921 
    Дата и Время: 01/21/2018 15:17:33 GMT 

    || || || 
    \/ \/ \/ 

    Получаете: ePayments 
    Номер кошелька: kapacukkk@tut.by 

    Перейдите по ссылке, чтобы просмотреть детали обмена - 
  • Юрий Жигалковский

    Где мой платеж?

  • Wesaj2004

    How long will you not send me my money?

  • Marta Perun

    ID обмена: 13986

    Отдаю: Neteller USD
    Номер кошелька: ahtantchibiz@gmail.com 
    Сумма: 20.00 USD

    Дата создания: 25/02/2018 15:33:21


    Получаю: Карта Гривна 
    Номер кошелька: кредитная карта  UAH


    Деньги отправила на Neteller USD.

    Выписка с Neteller:

    Transaction details

    Type Money Transfer
    ID 211519573154445
    Date 25-02-2018
    Status  Accepted
    Transaction amount 20.00 USD
    Service fee 0.50 USD
    Credit/Debit 20.50 USD


    Статус на megachange.is - Отменена ( кем отменена и почему? )

    Деньги не вернули на Neteller USD.

    А на кредитке  UAH  денег нет.

    Что мне делать? ПОМОГИТЕ!!!

  • Oanhleltv


    I have registered my account and made withdrawals from 20-2.2018 but until now I have not received money even though there was an email announcing the transaction to wait. The money from the ADVCASH account has been deducted but I do not see the transaction made. I have sent a lot of suport but still no reply. Would you like to know how my transaction is? How do I get my money back or pay me back?
  • abu ahmad

    You are a thief when you come to the social support website and claim that you are offering the best service to the people. I will complain to you because you are bad

  • abu ahmad

  • Nabil Hassan Mohammed

    I exchange litecoin to moneypolo USD amount 20$ since 24/2 and dont receive
    any money to my moneypolo account yet please help me

  • Nabil Hassan Mohammed

    I exchange litecoin to moneypolo USD amount 20$ since 24/2 and dont receive
    any money to my moneypolo account yet please help me

  • Sam LH

    it's been more than 5 days since my request is made, 0.003 BTC has been paid and I still have not received my money.

    I really regret having chosen this website for exchanges, 

    please i absolutely need my money for personal reasons

  • Thái Huỳnh

    my status has been changed complete but I still get nothing . 

    exchangge LTC - SKRILL 

  • Thái Huỳnh


  • Sam LH


  • Thái Huỳnh

    You dont understand what i am saying ? OK sorry about that let me again . 

    you had used exchange currency , so do I . And a couple days pass we still not get anything although we already paid for it done . Right ?
    this SITE IS SCAMMERS :))))(  so POOR

  • Sam LH

    no admin to answer ???

  • Thái Huỳnh

    Of course . just check google this site's review . My stupid haven't did that before I made a order exchange . And I have many site exchange currency service but I dont know what that day I decide do this . Lucky for me just 40$ . not too small or too big . 

    Anyway . I guess Admin has always online and maybe now he watching our converstations too :)) LOL . Because in box chat at main page , after I comment my situations and got banned until 2039s :))) 




  • Nikoljac Moto


    I sent yesterday XMR 
    when I can expect payment to my Payoneer ?
    It has been sent from my side...
  • Rhazeb Brown

    Good day please i made an exchange from my payeer usd to my local turkish ish bank and the status has been trading for 4 days now. Please can you help me confirm if everthing is going well or if it has been sent.

  • T Raharijaon

    Why do you mark on my transactions that it is completed or I received nothing?

  • Okean-blokhin

    Hello. 30 of May I requested btc to payoneer exchange, the system gave me the address to send money. I sent money to btc. Address is 32TgivpjNarv1QjecRf6H7Ks4vca7qGp8k . If you check the blockchain, the system has given more than 3 confirmations But I havent received money to payoneer. The id 25362. Please help to solve this situation

  • Jozsef Stirczer


    I paid the money. But I did not get the 95 euro.

    Exchange ID 25610. Payeer USD to Skrill EUR

    Please help me.

  • Mahmoud Araar
    i make this operation (Exchange ID 26026. Bitcoin BTC to PaySera EUR ) 
    with your system and i send 0.023423  to this address   3EMyFhUvhRHUUibG6WXEfYfJnv3gN1HpsA 
    but the operation still  wating even the 3 confirmation was completed
    this the prove of transaction please send me my money via paysera email that i put it araarmr@protonmail.com

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